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a dalmation stands on a pile of pumpkins. Image leads to blog on pumpkin treats for your dog

Pumpkin Munchies for Your Pooch

Halloween is the season of pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin spiced lattes. But did you know that pumpkin has loads of benefits for your pooch too? The flesh and the seeds each bring their own goodness to the table and can be fed in different ways – meaning your dog can enjoy their own range of pumpkin goodies this autumn.
Exploring Essential Dog Food

Exploring Essential Dog Food

Essential created food that didn’t just nourish your dog’s physical health, but their mental health and behaviour too. They termed this the BOF (Behavioural Optimising Foods) Principle, creating meals that reflect the natural diet and eating habits of the dog.
How To Get Your Dog to Love Fireworks

How To Get Your Dog to Love Fireworks

Firework season can strike dread into most pet-owners’ hearts. There is a way for you to help your pooch long-term, and this should be started with as long as possible before you’re expecting fireworks.
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