The proforma letter for your support for the campaign is as follows.

Please copy, paste and send the below email to your MP to support our campaign to ensure the punishment for dog theft fits the crime, and that our law enforcers treat the investigation and recovery of our dogs in a manner that befits the loss of a family member.


Subject: Pet Theft Reform debate – 11 th November, 2019


Dear ______MP,

Pet Theft Reform debate on 11th November 2019 in Parliament.

May I please bring your attention to the Pet Theft Reform Debate scheduled for Parliament on 11th November,2019, following a petition earlier this year which was signed by significantly more than the 100,000 threshold required to initiate the debate.

There are nearly 9 million dogs in the UK today, forming an important part of the daily lives of over 6 million families.

Dog theft is on the increase, up 20% in 2018 at nearly 40 thefts per week. Our priceless and irreplaceable dogs are being categorised as inanimate property (of less value than a laptop) under current legislation. Their theft is seen as a low risk, high reward crime, because of the sentencing council’s guidelines from Defra, and they therefore remain as a category 4 offence, 2nd hand goods valued under £500.

Can I please request that you, as my elected Member of Parliament, represent my views that the current prosecution rate and sentencing does not befit the crime of dog theft and that urgent reform is required in relation to Dog Theft.

I look forward with interest to the outcome of the debate with some definitive action agreed as a result.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely, 

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