Our Pack Leaders are dog business owners, employees or local dog community influencers who are looking to grow their business, bring their local dog community together or help us help local dog related charities.

Our Pack Leaders are the local links to our community of Waggys – a role that takes no additional time away from your daily lives and helps you get more from what you have, including:

·       A cash payment of £100 when you refer 10 customers

·       Free referrals from Your Dog’s Club to help you build your business too.

·       Ways of expanding the reach of your business in your geographical area by attracting dog owners that may not be using your services already.

·       A window to showcase your skills and knowledge.

·       On line competitions and local events for you to enjoy.

·       Loyalty Points Scheme awarded on purchases, length of membership and Waggy or Pack Leader referrals, giving you significant discounts on future purchases.

·       Access to purchase an unrivalled, growing range of quality, primarily British made accessories that we have carefully chosen and sourced for you.

·       Free products for testing with your waggys to create our product Waggy ratings

·       Access to up to date information and your questions answered by our community Gurus.

·       Funding to support you in arranging various local events in your area maintaining your community footprint.

·       Attendance at annual National Conferences for our leading Pack Leaders to learn together and consolidate our community.