Nutritional Ratings

The Nutritional ratings are in a range from 0 to 100% based on an algorithm designed by David Jackson at

0% being terrible and 100% being the best of the best.

The algorithm takes into account all of the ingredients, the respective quantities and how the food is produced.

David’s credentials are second to none, a zoologist who spent his formative years as a nutritionist in the pet food industry, until he became disillusioned with what he saw. He left to create, an independent review site to “change the way people buy their dog food, which will change the industry and make our dogs' lives a whole lot better”.

We have joined David’s mission by adopting his guide and supplying only those foods that are over the 70% nutrition rating. Our aim is to give our Waggys maximum choice of the best foods, sustainably produced with a keen eye on our environment – keeping our food miles to a minimum by focussing on British made products.

We will introduce the occasional product where the environmental advantages outweigh the food miles – such as Yora, the insect protein based pet food produced in Holland.

Our mission at Your Dog’s Club is to provide you access to the best food at great prices (and costs per day) and provide an ongoing variety to delight your dogs 300 million olfactory nose receptors (taste buds in our language).

If you want to see how the nutrition ratings the food you currently give your hairy furry compares – search on, then come back and buy the best!

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Cost Per Day

The cost per day figures are for comparison only. They have been consistently calculated for a mid-size dog, providing the recommended serving per day (based on daily nutrient requirements), based on the RRP of the food.

It’s not about the price per KG – fillet steak does not cost the same per kg as Spam for a reason, its about the cost of providing the required nutrient intake of your dog per day.

The purpose is to demonstrate that you can feed your dog better for less than you think – join us on our “cost per day” revolution to help us feed our dogs better and help them live longer, healthier lives.

Again, If you want to see how the food you currently give your hairy furry compares – search on, then come back and buy the best food at a better cost per day.

David’s observation from the world of dog food manufacturing is stark :

“the health problems that are often linked to low grade foods are now so widespread that many pet owners just disregard them as a normal part of a dog's life. So many dogs are living short, problem-filled lives and nobody's blinking an eye.”

Help us change this by joining the Waggy community, delivering unconditional love to our best furry friend and family member. Only the best is good enough.

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