Become An Affiliate Partner

Your Dog’s Club are the UK’s leading independent supplier of high nutrition dog food and top quality accessories.

Providing the best options for a customer’s dog is something we’re genuinely passionate about, which is why for the example, all of our food and treats come with an independently verified nutritional rating courtesy of our friends at All About Dog Food.

Something else we’re passionate about is our nationwide community of dog lovers who like to do the very best they can for their dog - a community who we engage with on a level beyond the everyday relationship that many businesses have with their customers.

We’re growing, and our new focus on creating an affinity with other top UK businesses that share our values and have an appetite for growth is paramount to us.

We believe that through our affinity programme not only can we as businesses achieve a mutually beneficial relationship, but that the benefits of that relationship can extend to both our community of dog lovers and your customer base too - and further still, that there is a clear opportunity for success given the nature of your business and ours.

Here’s just some of the benefits available to your business;

  • Exclusive introductory discount to your customers on all products and specific offers throughout the year.
  • Commission paid as a result of business attributed to you.
  • Expert advice service for your customers dog related needs.
  • Additional benefits and introductions to our other affinity partners, creating further business opportunities.
  • Direct recommendation and introduction of your businesses services to our national community.

For further information or just to chat through the ways we can work together contact Eli Lycett at or call on 07377 166769.