It all started on a beach on the Isle of Louis in the summer of 2018. Our founder, Jon Ralph, and his wife Sabra were away for a doggy friendly holiday with their fur baby, Amie. The weather was glorious, not a cloud in the sky, and the temperature unexpectedly kept rising… The Isle of Luing was about to have their hottest day in 100 years. Not feeling as prepared as they hoped for Amie, Jon and Sabra frantically tried to find somewhere to buy Amie something to protect her from the sun and keep her cool. This was a struggle, and at this point, Jon and Sabra realised that there wasn’t a responsible and reliable online community and store that caters solely for dogs and all their needs. There were the obvious large online retailers, but do they care about the quality of the products they are providing for your dog? With unsubstantiated claims around food and products, with the obvious use of great marketing spin, Jon began to question whether the “well balanced, highly nutritious” dog food he was feeding Amie, might not be quite as advertised. And he was right! Jon realised that he could break the mould and provide dog owners not only with the highest quality products they need, but also extensive and honest knowledge before they buy.


The Your Dog’s Club Mission has always been about providing our customers’ dogs with the highest quality in dog nutrition, be it food or treats, we understand the importance of nutrition to aid your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing and ensuring your furry family member has a long, happy and healthy life. We offer clear guidance on our food products to educate you in the nutritional value, as well as any other benefits the food may have. You can see which are grain free, hypoallergenic, low in fat, high in meat content and those that are suitable for a sensitive tummy. We offer you the chance to see the cost per day. Our team is trained with outstanding product knowledge, and also, they have access directly to the manufacturers so any questions you as a customer might have, will be answered with the greatest detail. We can consult with you to determine the best food for your dog. We know it’s not a one size fits all, and we can guarantee that whatever our recommendations are, they are with your dog’s best interest at heart!


Your Dog’s Club is built on firm foundations of Trust, Pride, Community and Joy:


All relationships need to be based on trust which is why we are honest and open about all the elements of our community. We listen to our customers and we value their feedback. We act on this so we can continue to evolve into the company you associate with based on trust. We want you to trust that we are providing you with the most up to date information regarding not only our products, but also guidance with regards to feeding, behaviour and all the other aspects of dog ownership. Because of this, we have partnered with trusted experts from around the UK. At the heart of these relationships, is our partnership with All About Dog Food who provide us with independent ratings of all our dog foods, so we know you are provided with the very best choice for you and your dog.


Your Dog’s Club takes immense pride in all that we do! With a 4.9 star TrustPilot rating for our outstanding and friendly customer service, we are a company proud of the trust we have built within the dog world. Run by a team of responsible and loving dog owners, we understand the love you have for your dog and recognise the importance of providing the best all round service and products to you and your dog, as well as highly regarded doggy advice. We are not just an online store for all things doggy related, we are a community of proud dog parents, just like you! We are socially aware and openly support causes within other doggo communities which we know are of the utmost importance to you. With social responsibility in mind, we go to great depths to ensure that our products and services are ecologically sound. From recyclable packaging, to checking the food miles have minimal environmental impact, to sourcing eco friendly products from UK businesses. Our planet is our dog’s playground, and we want to protect this for them and for you. We are proudly independent and are continually looking at how we can grow and improve. Our customers are proud to be a part of our community; a community we openly listen to about ideas, products and other services. We aim to deliver to your door in 24 hours while always ensuring the customer service you receive is the finest. We aren’t faceless, our team are people with a huge love of dogs (not just their own but yours too). Your dog is why YDC exists. Our online store is convenient and easy to use and from this platform, we proudly deliver the unconditional love to your dog, to thank them for the unconditional love they give you.


We aren’t just an online store, we are a dog focussed community, uniting with other dog communities. We are inclusive for all dogs; whatever breed, shape and size, we welcome and embrace everyone. When you join our Waggy Community, you are not only gaining access to the best products available, but also to exclusive discounts and offers, expert advice, be it through blogs or by contacting a member of our dog loving team. We know that as a community member, and with the challenges of daily life, you need access to products and services in a simple and quick manner. Our Dog Blog is a few clicks away for great tips and advice about all things a dog parent might ask. We have added the option to quickly re-order your regular items and we gave given you delivery options to fit in around your timescales. While the heart of our community is you - the dog owner, we also work closely supporting and encouraging small independent dog businesses, helping raise awareness of their business and the expertise they have to offer. Through our Pack Leader Programme, we ensure that the businesses we support share our core values and, of course, our immense love of dogs. Our online community is growing into the home where you can share photos of your fur baby, tell your stories, and ask for advice. We want you to feel comfortable and safe, so the online community is managed by the YDC team to ensure you receive the best community experience on the internet. We have plans to bring you and these excellent businesses together. After over a year of limited social interaction in person, we are putting plans in place to hold regional dog events to provide everyone with a memorable day out with their furry family member.


We know how much joy our furry faithful companions bring to us, but what about the joy we can gift to them in return? Consider the heightened joy they will feel when the find out that their fur parents shop with a company that only provides the very best food, treats, toys and accessories out there. We pride ourselves on “delivering unconditional love” - and what better way of embodying this joyous feeling than having you and your dog in the heart of our Waggy Community.