Plastic is a design failure. It never breaks down and goes away. An estimated 8 million metric tonnes enters our oceans every year. Not only does this pollute our environment and kill wildlife, the micro-plastics and carcinogenic toxins are entering our food chain.

Company Background

Project Blu was born from a desire to do something different. We set out to break the mould of the traditional manufacturing process to offer products that are sustainable, affordable and built to last. Our headquarters are based in the Vale of Glamorgan (Wales, UK) and our production facilities are operated in Tuscany (Italy). We source our recycled materials from some of the worlds’ poorest nations. It is our Mission to turn plastic waste into a valuable commodity. Not only will this help clean the environment, it will also help reduce poverty.




Our products are made from 100% recycled materials that were destined to pollute our environment. We transform ocean bound plastic and used clothes to create 100% recycled fabric and fillings.


Our products are manufactured in the heart of Italy. We use top quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure your products last and do not become victims of the 'throwaway culture" Project Blu believes in the circular economy. Once consumers have had full use of our products we help consumers donate their products to local animal shelters or provide assistance on how they can be effectively recycled.


Our natural environment is threatened by an unprecedented number of challenges. These include global warming, ocean plastic, water shortages and pollution to the land, air and waterways. Project Blu operates a circular and holistic business model to help combat this global problem.


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