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About Kiera

Keira didn’t have the best start in life. Found alone in a storm drain in Cyprus at eight weeks old, she was rescued by the owners of a local pound (Pound Dog Rescue Cyprus) that immediately took her under their care. She was in a bad way. It took her a whole day just to emerge from her box to try some food. She had contracted giardia from the streets and looked miserable, but the local veterinary clinic gradually nursed her back to health whilst living with temporary foster carers as she was too small to stay at the pound with the older dogs.

The Search

A couple of weeks passed, and Keira moved to a new foster home after showing significant improvement in not only her physical state, but her mental wellbeing and social demeanour. Her new family, an RAF couple and children based at Akrotiri, offered her all the love, attention and care that she could have ever hoped for, whilst the pound rescue staff began their search for a ‘forever home’ for the dog we have now became so familiar to calling a ‘Cyprus special’ when asked what breed she is.

We were one of thirty applicants for Keira, and we naturally fell in love with her whilst browsing through the pictures on the pound Facebook page. We had lost our last dog, a Staffie/Lab cross, to cancer a couple of years before, and felt it was the right time to add that missing piece back to our family home. After a successful home check, ‪ on the 17th of December, we got the e-mail to say our application had been successful. Our excitement was hard to contain, especially when we were trying our very best to keep it a secret from our five year old daughter! It didn’t take long before a pile of collars, leads, squeaky toys and pet supplies started congesting our wardrobe. Keira was already being fed Essential – The Beginning; a high end nutritional rated brand that proved hard to come by in the UK, but Lee at Your Dog’s Club was fantastic, and managed to get our order shipped out swiftly in preparation for our new addition.

Meanwhile in Cyprus, Keira was undergoing the last of her treatment and vaccinations to allow her to get out and about, and to explore her surroundings under the supervision of her carers, without having to worry about where her next meal was coming from.

Flight Day

The wait for her arrival felt like an eternity; the plan was to fly her, and several other dogs into one of the main southern UK airports, where we would collect her and be home within less than a couple of hours. But there were several delays due to uncertainty with flights and unforeseen logistical problems. Nevertheless, they were finally able to secure a flight on the 19th of February from Paphos to Manchester Airport, an eight-hour round trip from Oxfordshire, but the relief and anticipation outweighed the thought of the drive.

She had been starved the night before the flight, and was secured in her plastic flight crate with only a towel, a soft toy and a makeshift water bowl for the journey ahead. Despite this, and a further unexpected delay, she had lasted 13 hours in her crate and didn’t have a single accident. When the baggage staff brought her out at the airport, she jumped straight into my Wife’s arms; partially due to escaping her temporary plastic home, but likely to regain some warmth from the cold and blustery English weather that she would quickly have to get used to after living in the Mediterranean.

New Forever Home

She was quiet on the drive home, but it didn’t take long to find her bearings once we got her into the house. After half an hour, she was diving up and down the stairs acting like she owned the place. Once she settled down, she joined us on the sofa and established her cosy spot. And the rest, as they say, was history…

Keep posted for further updates on Keira in her new forever home!


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