Dog On Lead

If you have a dog – you need to act now!

How would you and your family feel if your dog was stolen?

1849 dogs were stolen in 2018, up 20% on 2017, now approaching 40 per week.

There is no police category for the kidnapping, theft or killing of your canine family member – their loss is treated as of less importance than the theft of a laptop.

1% of dog thefts are successfully prosecuted, the majority resulting in a small financial fine.

The impact of this crime on a family far outweighs the punishment for the perpetrator.

A petition for pet theft reform earlier this year attracted 117,453 signatures and has passed the threshold for debate in the House of Commons. The debate will now take place on 11th November, 2019.

Help us correct this imbalance and protect our dogs from being resold on the black market, or worse, used as bait in dog fighting. The punishment must fit the crime.

These 2 simple steps will build the support we need:

  1. Go to, enter your postcode to find your MPs email address.
  2. Create an email to your MP, and cut and paste the proforma letter and send to your MP before the debate on 11th November.

There are 9 million dogs in the UK that are an important part of over 6 million families’ lives. Help us raise awareness of this “kidnapping” epidemic and help us deliver unconditional love back to our family’s best friend.


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