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Here at Your Dog’s Club, we’ve always been keen to bring you only the best for your dog, which is why we’re so excited to introduce Beco Pet Food to our range. We know nutritional quality is important to you, but why settle there when we can give you other benefits? This is exactly what Beco do, ensuring that they provide top quality nutrition, along with sustainable packaging and ethically sourced meat.

Sustainable, Ethical, Nutritional.

We love how Beco focuses on ethically sourced meats. They are committed to using only free-range chickens with assurance that the fields they roam mimic their natural habitat. Beco doesn’t just make these claims, they back them up. Their chicken can be traced back to one farm in East Anglia – an impressive level of transparency if you ask us.

Free-range chicken isn’t just an ethical move: when compared to caged chicken, it contains higher levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3 and alpha-tocopherol – the most available form of Vitamin E. Interestingly, the increase in alpha-tocopherol, an antioxidant, ensures that the Omega 3 is protected against oxidation so your dog can absorb, metabolise and utilise this properly. Almost like mother nature knows what’s best, right?

But it’s not just chicken. Beco sources free-range wild boar from Germany with an impressively low carbon footprint, thanks to its lack of factory farming. With regards to their fish range, Beco says: “Sustainable seafood is the only way at Beco. All the fish we use are caught using special techniques to reduce the bycatch of turtles, sharks, dolphins and other marine wildlife. It’s how we’re helping to keep our oceans healthy for future generations.”

 Fresh Meat Only!

Sometimes poorer quality pet foods may contain supposed “meat meals” – a dried powder of offcuts, processed to such a degree that nutritional value is lost, with the fragile amino acids making up the protein damaged in the process. Instead, the entire Beco range contains a minimum of 40% fresh meat, with some having up to 50% fresh meat!


Have you ever wondered why your dog suffers from itchy skin, frequent ear infections or anal gland issues? Did you know it could be a result of a food allergy or intolerance? For dogs with food allergies, it’s recommended that they’re fed a novel protein for 4-6 weeks to see if the symptoms decrease. But what is that? A novel protein is a protein (chicken, beef, lamb, etc) which the dog has never eaten. In order to establish this, we must carefully assess your dog’s diet history to find a protein they haven’t eaten.

Typically we can expect to see venison, rabbit, pheasant, kangaroo, boar, cod, haddock, tuna and goat as novel proteins – all being rarely included in dog food. Incredibly, Beco has managed to include four novel proteins as options (Boar, Cod, Haddock, Tuna) – making them an excellent option for dogs with food allergies or intolerances.

Please note: to complete a true food allergy trial, you must ensure to feed only one novel protein for 4-6 weeks; this is inclusive of treats. If, after 4-6 weeks, symptoms are well controlled, you may start to introduce more foods one at a time.

Perfect Packaging

Beco began back in 2009, on a trip to China, when the company wanted to find a byproduct that could be recycled. Here, they discovered bamboo offcuts from a Chinese chopstick factory – which they ultimately turned into degradable bowls. This kind of creativity rings true in the brand today, with the Beco Soft Eco toys containing up to 15 recycled plastic bottles in one toy and biodegradable poo bags!

When Beco launched their pet food range in 2017, they continued true to their mission statement by creating packaging for the Beco Eco Conscious Dry and Wet Dog Food that is 100% compostable! The packaging in question – Tetra Pak – is made from 70% renewable materials, using card from FSC certified forests.

Super Spirulina

All Beco dry food includes this super little dried plant! A recent study, published in May 2021, highlighted dogs who were fed food that was supplemented with Spirulina (just like Beco Pets!) showed “enhanced immune status by showing significantly higher vaccine response.” Amazingly, the same test group of dogs also had “significantly increased gut microbiota stability” - meaning the gut health of dogs who received the spirulina supplementation was better than those without.

Nutritionist’s View

Looking at the Beco range, it’s clear to see there’s careful consideration taken of ingredient choice and we’ve covered this extensively. But how about on a more practical basis?

Here at YDC, we advise rotating your pet's food each time you order, cycling through a few different options. From an enrichment perspective, this is massively beneficial to your dog’s mental wellbeing, but it could also help to prevent fussy eating and strengthen the gut microbiome.

What is especially nice to see with respect to the Beco Dry Food range is that, on a dry matter basis, there is very little difference in the macronutrient balance. This means you can easily transition between the range with little to no risk of GI upset. If you’re feeding a Senior Dog, or aiming for weight loss, we’d recommend the Beco Eco Conscious Cod & Haddock Dry Dog Food, a lower fat option but packed full of Omega 3 to support healthy ageing and joint wear and tear. On the contrary, if you’re feeding a working dog and want to support them with maximum energy density, pairing one of the Dry Food range with the Beco Wild Boar with Broccoli & Carrots Wet Food will pack a punch in fat and protein with enough carbs to sustain their energy through a working day.


Don’t forget we offer free nutrition consultations if you’d like to talk about food options for your dog! Just email us at and we’ll be in touch.


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