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As most of us are starting to return back to normality with children going back to school and the return to the office for a lot of us, we have some great tips for keeping your dog entertained.

During lockdown, our doggies have gotten used to all the extra attention and cuddles. But, a sudden change back to spending time alone could trigger some unwanted behaviour patterns

Interactive Toys

Toys that stimulate your dog and require interaction are a great way to keep your dogs entertained whilst giving them some tasty rewards. Mental stimulation can be just as exhausting for your dog as physical exercise, which is great if you need to leave the house for work or school runs.

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Snuffle Toys & Mats

Snuffle toys, similar to interactive toys, are a great way to get your doggy using their nose and exploring to find treats or kibble. Checkout our snuffle ball how-to guide below from Alyssa, one of our gurus.

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Regular Walks

We all know that regular walks are the best way to give your dog their daily exercise. If you are short for time, why not consider some sniffing walks that can be just as mentally stimulating for your dog, without the need for long distances?

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Mental stimulation and physical exercise are key in keeping your four legged friends happy and healthy, as well as helping to avoid separation anxiety.


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