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This summer is setting up to be an absolute scorcher! Whilst that’s great news for us humans, our dogs can often struggle in the heat. This can be simply a little uncomfortable for them, but it can easily escalate into a fatal case of heatstroke if we’re not careful.

So, how can we protect them from the dangers of the heat? Luckily, there are some game-changing products available that can really help your dog to keep cool – meaning you can relax and enjoy the great weather!

All For Paws Chill Out Always Cool Mat

From £22.99

Dog With Sunglasses


This mat is a brilliant additional bed for your pup when it gets warm. It’s filled with a special pressure-activated gel that takes heat away from your dog when they sit on it. This means it stays cool to the touch, and helps your dog to stay cool as a cucumber on those hot sunny days. It works so well, that I’ve actually purchased two – one for my dog, and one for me! 

All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana

From £7.99

Dog Wearing Bandana

If your pup is comfortable wearing bandanas, this is a fantastic way to help them cool off a bit more. You simply soak it in some water, pop it on your dog like you would their collar, and do it up using the velcro straps. The water from the bandana then acts like sweat, cooling your dog as it evaporates. This is so good for our dogs because they can’t sweat through their skin like we can, so this gives them an extra way of cooling off!

All For Paws Chill Out Splash and Fun Dog Pool

From £89.99

Dog Pool

We all love a dip into a cool pool on a hot summer’s day, and our dogs are no different! However, if your dog has ever tried to clamber into a standard kid’s inflatable pool, you’ll know that this can go south pretty quickly. Our dog’s claws can rip this delicate material, leaving you with a broken pool and a flooded garden. This safe-for-dogs pool is made of sturdier stuff, making it resistant to ripping. When it cools down again, simply drain the pool and flat pack it away for easy storage!

All For Paws Chill Out Sprinkler Fun Mat

From £29.99

Dog In Paddling Pool
If your dog is a water-baby, this is one addition to your garden that you should absolutely try. It connects up to your garden hose, and acts as several sprinklers to rain water down on your dog as they try to catch it in their mouths. It collects the water at the base, so your dog’s feet stay nice and cool, and has a slip-resistant bottom to keep your dog safe and sound. Still not sure? Check out this adorable video of a golden retriever and a bulldog having a splash about!


All For Paws Chill Out Sea Turtle


Cooling Dog Toys


Whilst this looks like an ordinary dog toy on the surface, its superpower gets unlocked when you soak it in a sink of water. The fabric sucks up the water and holds onto it so, as your dog chomps it, a stream of cool water flows over your dog’s tongue. As their tongue is a key part of their cooling system, but which can struggle to work if they’re a bit dehydrated, this means they can keep themselves cool much more efficiently. Plus, it comes in multiple characters – why not check out the octopus and the shark, too?


Do you have any game-changing tips that have helped you to keep your dog cool? Let us know in the comments below!


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