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As we say goodbye to the 2010’s, it’s well worth taking a look back to see just how far we’ve come since the start of the decade.

A Decade of Competition

It never ceases to amaze me just how many pet food brands there are out there. On AADF we’ve already listed foods from over 250 different companies and there are a ton still to go on our to-do list. But what’s more amazing is that most of these brands have only appeared within the last 10 years. With independent producers springing up on almost a weekly basis and more and more overseas producers starting to import into Britain, competition for your pet food pounds has never been more fierce. And all this competition has pushed manufacturers to pursue ever higher levels of product quality, value for money and customer service which has been great news for us consumers.

A Decade of Innovation

Long gone are the days where the primary pet food choice was ‘wet or dry?’. The past decade has seen manufacturers exploring all sorts of unorthodox food preparation and preservation methods which has brought us a wave of great alternatives like cold pressed foods, air-dried and freeze-dried diets and the newest kid on the block, fresh complete foods.

A Decade of Raw

At the start of the decade, commercial raw food was very much still in its infancy with just a couple of producers distributing nationwide. Fast forward to today when we find rows of raw-filled freezers in every pet shop and some now even cropping up in supermarkets and it’s clear to see which pet food sector has been the decade’s biggest winner.

A Decade of Improvement

But it’s not all about the new brands. To their credit, even some of the big multinational corporations that have always dominated the pet food industry and have traditionally produced most of the very worst foods on the market have started to make some very encouraging changes to both their formulas and their labelling. While this may seem like a pretty small footnote it’s actually the clearest indicator we have that the entire industry is now shifting.

The road to better pet food has always been a bumpy one but there’s no doubt that we’ve progressed in absolute leaps and bounds over the last 10 years. Of course, there’s still a long long way to go before all the nation’s pets are getting the food they deserve, but a couple more decades like this and who knows what’s possible?!

Author: David Jackson, All About Dog Food


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