The Top 10 Healthy Dog Foods of 2021

Feeding your dog a healthy diet is vital to ensure their health and happiness, but it can often feel overwhelming with the amount of choice and information out there. As part of our mission to provide your dog with an appropriate, healthy diet, we want to make this process as easy as possible for you. This is why we’ve curated the following list of the top ten healthiest dog foods available in 2021.

All of the nutrition ratings and cost per day analysis are kindly provided by All About Dog Food

Dry Food

Dry food, or kibble, is the most convenient way to give your dog a complete diet. The biscuit form allows you to feed from a bowl, a puzzle feeder, or as treats when training. It’s generally cheaper than wet food too, as it’s more energy dense, meaning you don’t have to feed as much of it. Here are our top five dry dog food brands that are sure to support your dog’s health.

1) Essential

Nutrition Rating: 88-91%
Cost per Day: £0.76 - £0.80

Essential offers great quality and delicious food at an affordable price. They formulate their foods to improve and prolong your dog's life, using only the highest quality of ingredients. They also adhere to their own BOF (Behavioural Optimising Foods) principle, which is all about stabilising your dog's blood sugar and energy levels. This is a great way to nip behavioural problems in the bud, and even help prevent future issues from developing. 

The core 'Living' range benefits from three different flavours: Highland, Estate, and Nautical. These three can be offered on a rotation to keep your dog engaged with the mealtimes, without compromising their health. 


2) Eden

Nutrition Rating: 88-90%
Cost per Day: £0.67 - £1.29

Eden are a family-owned, British company, whose goal is to 'support animal health through nutrition'. Their foods are inspired by the ancestral diet, so all of their diets are formulated to be similar to what your dog's ancestors would have eaten in the wild. This means that they don't use any cereals or grains, and only use the very best quality ingredients. 

Eden have grown to have a wide array of choices, but you can find their core selection of dry kibble in three flavours: Original Cuisine, Country Cuisine, and Fish Cuisine. 


3) Nature's Variety

Nutrition Rating: 83-95%
Cost per Day: £1.39 - £3.82

Nature's Variety create delicious, grain-free diets that are full of healthy goodness for your dog. They focus on high-quality meat as the main ingredient, with added fruits, vegetables, and botanicals to give your dog everything they need for a healthy diet. You can find their diets in three ranges: Selected, Meat Boost, and Freeze Dried. 

The freeze-dried complete option is the most nutritious option for your furry family, as the drying process locks in all of the vitamins and minerals - making sure none of the natural goodness is lost. 


4) Green Pantry

Nutrition Rating: 82-87%
Cost per Day: 
£0.61 - £1.47

Green Pantry are a family-run business based in Norfolk, who combine their dog nutrition knowledge with strong animal welfare ethics. They manufacture all of their foods in Britain, using British-sourced, organic meat products - and they use recyclable packaging! 

The food is formulated based on the ancestral diet, and is a combination of meat, carbohydrates, vegetables, and botanicals. Each one is created to ensure that it can all be safely and easily digested by your pup, making sure that they can absorb all of the nutrients they need. 

Green Pantry have a huge range of flavours available, each one with a specific aim. Check out their range here to learn more. 


5) Scrumbles

Nutrition Rating: 78-82%
Cost per Day: 
£0.83 - £0.99

Scrumbles are all about delivering highly nutritious dog food, without impacting on the planet unnecessarily. Their foods are formulated with human-grade meat, from humane farming sources right here in the UK, with fresh fruits, vegetables, and botanicals. They're also the experts in digestive health, and include probiotics and slippery elm to keep your dog's digestive system working as it should. 

You can find their adult food in two flavours: chicken and salmon. 


Wet Food

Most dogs tend to love wet food – with stronger aromas and more scrumptious mouthfuls, your dog is bound to go crazy for a wet food dinner. By having moisture included in their dinner, you’re also helping your dog to stay healthy and hydrated! Here are our top five recommendations for healthy wet food for your dog.

1) Eden 

Nutrition Rating: 90%
Cost per Day:
£3.84 - £4.00

Just as with their dry foods, Eden create their wet foods with only the finest ingredients. Not only do they have their three core flavours available, but they have recently released three new gourmet flavours, which are sure to get your dog drooling for joy. 


2) Forthglade

Nutrition Rating: 90-92%
Cost per Day:
£1.62 - £2.76

Having celebrated their 50th birthday this year, Forthglade have had the time to adapt and refine their recipes to the great quality we see today. They use natural and nutritious ingredients, with no artificial preservatives or additives, which have all been gently cooked to preserve their goodness. With a huge range of flavours available, you're bound to find one that titilates your dog's taste buds! 


3) Nature's Menu Country Hunter

Nutrition Rating: 91-93%
Cost per Day:
£2.70 - £4.02

Nature's Menu are another British brand, who strive to deliver top quality diets, with meat from high-welfare farms. They have an in-house team of vets and vet nurses to make sure everything they produce is as healthy as can be, and their diets consistently score highly on All About Dog Food. Their wet foods are constructed to have all of the benefits of a raw diet, without the faff and the risk of bacterial contamination. What's more, is they have a huge range of flavours - meaning that every dog can find their dream food (even those with allergies!).


4) Little BigPaw

Nutrition Rating: 93%
Cost per Day:

Little BigPaw pride themselves on providing great quality foods that your dog will LOVE. They're a big believer in never compromising taste or nutrition, and this has resulted in their Naturally Delicious range of wet foods. These foods are grain free, made with only locally-source, British meat, fruits, vegetables, and botanicals. You can find them in Chicken, Turkey, and Duck flavours. 


5) Scrumbles

Nutrition Rating: 89%
Cost per Day:

As with their dry foods, Scrumbles ensure all of their wet foods are packed full of great nutrition. This includes slippery elm, which is known for its use in soothing our dog's guts and helping with digestion - reducing the smells that come out of the other end! They use human-grade meat with fruits, vegetables, and botanicals, and provide only single protein source meals. This means they are an easy choice for dogs that suffer with allergies. 


We hope these top ten healthiest diets have given you food for thought. Do you have any favourites that you think should be included? Or do you have any experiences with these great ten options that you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at





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