The Dog Food Cost Per Day Revolution

We all want to give our pets the best possible diet within our budgets but if you’ve been comparing pack prices or even the cost per gram you might well be paying over the odds for a substandard food.

The trouble is, when you’re weighing up the price of a pet food, the cost of the bag or tin or tub only tells part of the story. Just as important is the recommended feeding amount and that comes down to the food’s quality.

As a rule, the mark of a good quality food is the inclusion of plenty of highly digestible, nutrient- dense ingredients. This means that each gram of food is chock full of valuable nutrients so your pet won’t need to eat that much in order to receive everything he or she needs.

Low-end foods, on the other hand, tend to contain more processed and harder to digest ingredients with far more fillers. Each gram therefore contains fewer nutrients meaning you’ve got to feed much more in order to keep your pet going.

In some cases, you need to feed TWICE AS MUCH of a low grade food than you would a good quality diet.

This is why the COST PER DAY of a pet food is so much more important than the price per pack or price per gram.

Comparing foods on this basis you quickly see that feeding budget brands is often as costly if not more expensive than feeding premium foods, and that’s before you factor in things like the additional vet bills that are frequently run up as a result of a poor diet.

To get the price per day, you first need to figure out how many days the pack will last. That is the weight of the pack in grams divided by the recommended daily feeding amount for your dog. Once you have that figure, just divide the cost of the pack by it and you’ve got your cost per day.

That’s not so bad when you’re just comparing two or three foods but with hundreds of options available it’s an awful lot of homework. But fear not, we’re here to help! Over on and here on YourDogsClub, we’ve done all the maths necessary to reveal how much each food really costs to feed.

So forget the pack price and look for our handy cost per day calculations to help you find the very best dog foods within your daily budget today!

Author: David Jackson, All About Dog Food


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