Near-Indestructible Dog Toys For Tough Chewers

Every dog on the planet has a need to chew: it’s a natural behaviour that’s hard-wired into their brains. But, of course, some dogs chew harder than others, and they need a near-indestructible dog toy. If you have a monster chewer, you’re probably often left exasperated as your best friend destroys every toy you offer them – and sometimes parts of your furniture too!

So, what exactly can you offer them without fear of it being destroyed in mere seconds?

A load of toy manufacturers are creating tougher, near-indestructible dog toys for this exact reason, but it can be hard to know what to look for when so many brands are competing for your attention. Before we look at the details, it’s important to remember that truly indestructible dog toys are a myth: any toy can be ripped apart under the right circumstances, so always keep a close eye on your dog when they’re playing, and interrupt their play if needed by redirecting them onto a chew or bone.

A Tough Toy Needs Tough Materials

We’re lucky to live in a time when an almost indestructible dog toy no longer needs to be made solely of rubber or plastic. In combination with certain fabrics and rope, we actually have access to quite a range of toys that tougher chewers will struggle to destroy, without compromising their fun.

Of course, we can’t write a post on near-indestructible dog toys without mentioning KONG, so let’s start there.

A simple option for an almost indestructible dog toy is the KONG CoreStrength range. Made from a durable rubber with a KONG-crafted inner, a lot of moderate to hard chewers struggle to destroy these. If you have a hard chewer, the CoreStrength Ball is the way forward, as there are no leverage points for them to rip apart. If you don’t need something quite this sturdy, the bone-shaped option is a fun alternative. Either option is great for individual play, or for playing games of catch or fetch.

Photo Credit: Franklin, Mark & Sam’s boy, gets stuck into his CoreStrength Bone regularly
Photo Credit: Andrea’s collie, Archie, ignores his other toys in favour of his CoreStrength bone

If you’re wanting something with a little more texture, or something ideal for playing tug with, the Beco hoop on a rope is a good option. The hoop is heavy but durable, resisting substantial chewing, and the rope is thick and tightly weaved, making it harder to fray and chew through than a lot of rope toys. It’s also easier on human hands when tugging!

Photo Credit: Cosmo belongs to one of our wonderful Waggys and loves his Beco hoop on a rope!

The KONG SafeStix offers similar benefits but, being made from rubber, it is slightly more durable.

Photo Credit: Archie loves to throw this toy around and chew it

If you’re looking for something on the cuddly side, there are still plenty of options available. However, when it comes to fabric toys, you have to also consider the strength of the stitching. Bear in mind that no fabric toy will ever be as robust as rubber or plastic, and you should always supervise your dog and intervene if necessary. 

Enhanced Stitching is Vital

If you’ve ever seen a dog destroy a toy, you’ll know that the seams (where different bits of the toy meet) are the most vulnerable. They are by nature the weakest part of the toy, so need a good amount of reinforcement to create a near-indestructible dog toy.

A good example of this can be seen on the Beco Rough and Tough range. The majority of these seams are lined with a tough binding, which makes it harder for dog to tear apart. The fabric itself is made up of recycled bottles, which is great for the planet, but bear in mind that the fabric isn’t the toughest out there, so could be subject to some holes in time.

Tougher fabric is definitely provided by HuggleHounds, though. They have created their trademark “Tuffut Technology”, which provides two hidden laminated layers beneath the plush exterior, making it extra resistant to destructive doggos. Their toys can actually stand up to a massive 100lbs of tugging power, and the knotted limbs are usually a fast favourite with any dog.

A good alternative, if HuggleHounds don’t float your boat, lies with the KONG Knots range. These offer reinforced, durable fabrics, with the benefit of knotted rope all the way through the inside of the toy. What’s really great about these, however, is that they’ve concealed the inner squeaker in its own little reinforced pouch. This means if your dog does manage to get into the toy’s innards, you have extra time to get in there before they have a chance to swallow the squeaker, potentially saving you a costly vet trip.

Photo Credit: Dougal, one of the team’s dogs, loves to chew on a whole range of KONG knot toys
Photo Credit: Dougal plays with his dragon on a daily basis. This has led to a couple of repairs, but generally they last up to a year before being replaced!

Extra layers go a long way

If you want to go really extreme for your tough chewer, an ultimate near-indestructible dog toy comes from KONG, in the form of their Shieldz range. These toys have a sealed outer coating, which takes some time to puncture. This makes the toy incredibly hard to tear apart – just keep an eye on the ears, as they can rip off if pulled in just the right way. Even when missing their ears, though, they still stand up to some pretty persistent chewing!

Photo credit: Dougal is an enthusiastic chewer, and his KONG Shieldz anteater is still going strong after a year.

Hopefully, this guide provides you with enough information to choose near-indestructible dog toys for your own feisty Fido. Remember to look for sturdy materials, strong stitching, and extra layers. And be aware of small projections on toys that are prime targets for ripping off!

If you have any questions, or just want a helping hand in choosing your dog’s next toy, get in touch at, and we’ll be happy to offer our assistance. Happy chewing!  

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