Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Getting the Perfect Bed for your Pooch

Is your dog constantly moving around in the night, keeping you up? Or do they wake up stiff and take a while to get up and get moving? The issue could be that their bed isn’t comfy enough, which can lead to soreness and a bad night’s sleep.

Getting your dog to sleep well is key, not only for your own benefit, but because this helps keep problem behaviours at bay, keep their mind and body healthy, and helps them with learning and memory. You can read more about this in our blog, ‘The Necessity of Nap Time”.


 A disrupted night can come from a few things, but a huge part of this lies in your dog’s bed. Dogs all have their own sleeping preferences, and it’s important to account for this in your choice of bed. You can tell their preferences from how they sleep – look at their position when they sleep; do they like to dig into their bed to make it comfy; do they like having something to rest their head on or; do they just plonk themselves wherever? All of these can help you in finding the perfect bed and gifting your dog the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had.


The Sprawler

Dogs that enjoy ‘starfishing’ in their beds tend to enjoy roomy mattresses without any confines – these let them throw their limbs wherever they fancy. Getting a bed that’s a flat mattress, without slopy sides, will help stop your dog falling off too!

The Bunty Snooze bed is a great option for this sleeping style. 


The Curler

If your dog just loves to curl up into an adorable fuzzy ball, then a cosy basket bed will be the best option for them. The walls help them to feel secure, and the fluffy interior will help to keep them warm. Higher sides are great if your pup can be a little insecure, as it helps them to feel safe, or lower sides give your dog a comfy pillow to rest their head on.

Our favourite beds for these curlers is the Snug & Cosy Novara Rectangle bed and the Bunty Seventh Heaven bed.


The Plonker

Some dogs are so easy-going that they will just flop down wherever they fancy. You’ve got a ‘plonker’ if you find them sleeping in all sorts of weird and wonderful places, or just in the middle of the living room! Mattress beds are great for these dogs, as they don’t have to navigate any sides or other hurdles to just collapsing on the spot. Whilst it’s tempting to not bother with a dog bed in these cases, it’s important to offer your dog a place with a bit of padding, as this can reduce joint pain and stop any bedsores from appearing on their elbows.

The Snug & Cosy San Remo Lounger Cushion is the perfect solution for these sleepers!


The Topsy Turvy

You know you’re dog is super relaxed when they’re a topsy turvy sleeper! This is when they can’t help but roll over and snuggle in on their backs, legs akimbo and head usually flopping onto the floor. For these pooches, you want a super squidgy mattress with edging on up to three sides. This will help stop them rolling out of the bed, whilst allowing them space for their head to flop down!

The best options for these sleepy pups are the Bunty Cosy Couch or the Bunty Deluxe bed.


The Happy Camper

If your dog LOVES the outdoors, and can’t help but roll in every muddy puddle going, you’re going to need a bed that can cope with the damp and the dirt. Waterproof outers are fab, as they stop the water from sinking into the bedding. This also means it’s easy to wipe off the dirt!

Our tried-and-tested favourite for mucky pups is the Bunty Waterproof Anchor bed. If your dog often sleeps whilst still damp, pop a Bunty Microfibre Noodle Mat on top to help dry your dog as they sleep!


The Overheater

If you have a super fluffy breed that’s meant for colder climates (think huskies, malamutes etc), you’ll find that they’re prone to overheating and can often get too toasty warm on standard beds. This is where elevated beds come into their own, as they help keep air flowing around your dog’s fluffy bottom, keeping them as cool as a cucumber. Our go-to for this is the Bunty Elevated Dog Bed – if your pup prefers beds with edges, you can get this bed with sides too.


The Shivererer

At the other end of the spectrum, some dogs have really thin coats and can struggle to keep warm. This commonly affects breeds such as whippets and greyhounds, but can affect others. If you notice your dog often sleeps curled right up, or is always trying to get ever closer to the fire/radiators, they’re probably a bit chilly. A bed like the Bunty Polar, or the Bunty Seventh Heaven, is fantastic for helping them keep a little warmer. Try popping the bed near a radiator, or adding a Snug & Cosy Novara Blanket, for full effect!


The Grouch

If your dog is often grumpy when they wake up, or maybe they’re a bit over-protective of your bed or the sofa, it may mean that they have some soreness. Whilst it’s important to get them looked at by the vet, you also need to make sure their bed is comfy and can support their joints well, keeping them as pain-free as possible to encourage good sleep.

The Snug & Cosy Memory Foam Noodle Mat is great for this, as the memory foam inner lets your dog feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud!



If you’re still not sure on which bed is right for your furry family, drop us a line at woof@yourdogsclub.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help! 

Don’t forget, when you get your new dog bed, it’s important to introduce it to your pooch the right way. Read our blog on this here.


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