Brand Spotlight: Eden Pet Foods

Ask any dog professional what one of the most common questions they’re asked is, a number will tell you; “what brand of food should I feed my dog?” As a nutritionist, it’s near impossible to give a blanket answer to suit all dogs, but the closest I can get is Eden Pet Food. As a brand, they summarise their philosophy in the tagline: “Supporting Animal Health Through Nutrition™” and at every step of the way, it’s easy to see how they put the proof in the pudding.

Who are Eden Pet Foods?

Eden was born after husband and wife, Paul and Carol, spoke with their local vet about the benefits of The Ancestral Diet – nutrition based on feeding your pet what they would have eaten in the wild. They realised that there wasn’t anyone providing such diets in the pet food industry and set out to do just this, creating a high-quality pet food that contains 260g of fresh meat for every 100g of the final product (that’s 80% of it once the fresh meat has been dehydrated), with plenty of superfoods added along the way!

The Ancestral Diet

You might be wondering why we’d try to replicate the diet wolves would have eaten in the wild; surely dogs have different needs? While dogs have been selectively bred for traits leading to a very different appearance on the outside, inside the digestive system remains almost the same. Eden Dog Food combines the philosophy of The Ancestral Diet with modern science advances in nutrition to create one of the best quality foods on the market for your dog.

Eden studied research into the macronutrient balance of diets consumed by wolves. They found protein ranged from 42.3 to 65.2% and fat ranged from 15.8 to 41.4%. Keen to mimic a Whole Prey diet as much as possible, Eden formulated their range to be an average of 46% protein, 21% fat, sitting nicely in the ranges above.

Following this, Eden’s range is absent of any cereal grains or rice, making it a great choice for dogs with grain intolerance while creating a dog food range with lower carbohydrate content, prioritising high-quality protein and fat which better nourish your pet’s health. The quality of ingredients is evident in Eden’s protein digestibility rating of 90-95% – average pet food sits at ~80% – meaning your dog is able to absorb and utilise more of the food you feed.

Careful, considered, optimal nutrition

Eden makes a number of decisions that highlight a careful, considered approach to pet nutrition. Many poor-quality pet food brands will dump all ingredients and additives into one vat, cook at high temperatures and then cut the baked product into kibble shaped pieces. To cut costs, ingredients and additives are often of poor quality. Instead, Eden combines ingredients into one vat, cooks at lower temperatures, supplementing with chelated vitamins and minerals (which are better absorbed) after cooking. This ensures that not only are the vitamins and minerals able to be absorbed but that the amounts listed are actually present – as opposed to not being aware of how nutrients may have been damaged by the cooking process.

Another sign of poor-quality dog food is a ‘premix’ of vitamins and minerals added to an entire range of dog food. Reading the back of the packet, you can see the exact same amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Copper, Zinc, etc, have all been added. If we are supplementing for optimal nutrition, each range of dog food (Chicken vs Beef) would need different additions to be optimal, not the exact same supplementation. This is where Eden storms ahead with individual supplements added to each recipe they produce; ensuring optimal nutrition, not just ticking boxes to hit recommended amounts.

Animal Welfare & Sourcing

All ingredients in Eden’s range are sourced and made in Britain, with a keen focus on animal welfare, having been audited by PETA and listed on the PETA website as a “Non-Animal Tested Companion Animal Food.” All meat sourced for Eden’s Pet Food range is surplus to human food supplies, from registered abattoirs where veterinary supervision is present to ensure welfare standards are adhered to. These standards are set by the Farm Animal Welfare Council and form the five freedoms; freedom from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injury and disease, to express normal behaviour and freedom from fear and distress.

Exploring the Eden Range

The Eden Dog Food range is suitable for All Life Stages, so whether you have a puppy, adolescent, adult or senior dog, you’ll be able to feed any and rest assured your dog is receiving top-notch nutrition. In fact, Eden is often considered to be one of the best alternatives to raw feeding. Many raw feeders will opt to feed Eden Dog Food while travelling without access to freezers and others will use the Semi Moist kibble as training treats – no one wants to pull raw meat out of their pocket when rewarding a recall! Similarly, the new Eden Game Treats can be broken up for training treats or a nutritious bedtime snack for your dog.

If you’d like to proactively support your dog’s joints, we’d recommend Eden 80/20 Fish Cuisine, with an impressive Omega 6:3 ratio especially designed to aid mobility and healthy ageing. For fussy dogs, Eden Semi Moist Duck & TripeCountry Feast and Wild Boar & Pheasant will be more appetising, plus softer on the mouth for senior dogs who might struggle with dry food. If you need a novel protein for a dog with allergies, we’d suggest the Eden Gourmet Goose & Rabbit wet food. Including wet food either as an Eden Dry Food topper or alone can be an excellent move for senior dogs, not only increasing palatability but better supporting the kidneys through the additional fluid intake.

That’s just a handful of what we stock from Eden Pet Food! Click here to view the entire Eden range and don’t forget to let us know what your dog thinks!


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