5 Doggy Must-Haves For When They're Home Alone


It’s a sad fact that many of us are having to go back into our offices, leaving our dogs home alone. This can be a scary and unsettling time for our pups, so it’s vital that we set them up to be as calm as possible.

Luckily, there are five must-have products out there, that can really help our dogs to settle down without us.


1)   Animology Paws & Relax Aromatherapy Spray


This dog-friendly spray is infused with lavender and chamomile to soothe your dog and help them drift off to dreamland. You can spray it onto their bed, spritz it around the room, or pop a few squirts directly onto their coat and brush it through. It has conditioning and deodorising properties, so it will also help keep your dog’s coat nice and soft!


2)   LickiMat Buddy Tuff

LickiMats are PERFECT to leave with your dog whilst you’re away. They offer a great surface for smearing something tasty on, which your dog can then lick. The action of licking helps your dog to self-soothe, and is often a good way for your dog to calm down immediately before a good nap. Any of the LickiMat range will do the trick, and you can view all of the options here. The Tuff range is good if your pup is likely to chew on the classic range, as it offers a more robust backing. If your pup is used to LickiMats and you’re after a bit more of a challenge, check out the LickiMat Wobble!


3)   WOOF Butter

Once you’ve got your LickiMat, you need something to put on it! Woof Butter is a perfect option: it is made completely of peanuts, with no added nasties, and most dogs absolutely LOVE it. Just smear a spoonful over the LickiMat, and you’re good to go. If you need a longer-lasting version, you can pop the WOOF Butter-smeared LickiMat into the freezer for a couple of hours before giving it to your doggo.


4)   Bamboodle T-Bone Dog Chew


It’s important to leave our dogs with something that they can chew, as this will help them to channel out any extra energy they may have – without taking it out on your furniture! The Bamboodle is infused with a meaty flavour (you can get either chicken or beef flavour), and the mix of bamboo and nylon fibres make for a VERY sturdy chew. The unique T-shape also means your dog can easily hold the chew, and the little nubs all over it can help to clean their teeth. This all makes it a firm favourite for all of the dogs here at YDC HQ.


5)   Bunty Seventh Heaven Bed

If you’re expecting your dog to be calm whilst you’re gone, it’s vital you give them a comfy space to settle down. This bed is a FANTASTIC option, as it ticks all the boxes. It’s super soft, with a good bit of padding in the middle and in the rim, with a deep seam all the way around which encourages your dog to nestle in and get super comfy. When we trialled these beds with our own dogs, they jumped straight in and didn’t want to leave! It comes in three different sizes, with a choice of three colours.



Have you tried any of these with your dog? Do you have any other must-haves for leaving your dog alone? Let us know in the comments!


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