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Brand Spotlight: Eden Pet Foods

Ask any dog professional what one of the most common questions they’re asked is, a number will tell you; “what brand of food should I feed my dog?” As a nutritionist, it’s near impossible to give a blanket answer to suit all dogs, but the closest I can get is Eden Pet Food.


Destructive Dogs: Dos and Don’ts

One of the most common behaviour problems reported among the UK dog population is “destructive behaviour”. It’s a very natural behaviour but can often leave you frustrated and infuriated. So, if you’re used to ripped up furniture, chewed doorways, holes in the garden, and destroyed dog toys, this one is for you.


Brand Spotlight: Beco

Here at Your Dog’s Club, we’ve always been keen to bring you only the best for your dog, which is why we’re so excited to introduce Beco Pet Food to our range.


Travelling With Your Dog

Summer is well and truly here, and the ongoing pandemic has more of us than ever planning a staycation with our furry friends. But did you know that travelling with your pet in the car can actually be illegal if they are unrestrained?


Separation Anxiety

Dogs are inherently social creatures, and are not genetically set up for being left to their own devices. It is down to owners to teach them how to survive - or even enjoy - time alone.


The YDC Guide to Dog Walking Etiquette

With lockdown restrictions gradually easing, we are all getting out more and enjoying walks with our doggos, but, after the last 12 months of social distancing our furry friends haven’t socialised as much as they would have done in pre-Covid times.