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Feeding Senior Dogs

Getting old is no joke - for us and for our dogs it means dealing with reduced energy levels coupled with a slower metabolism and, of course, fending off all of the many age-related illnesses for as long as possible. With all of these challenges, diet can either help to remedy the problem or exacerbate it so it’s important to make sure your senior dog is on the right food for his or her specific needs.

Puppy chewing 31/03/2021

Tough Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers

Choosing the right toys for your heavy chewers is a tough task, especially for the younger puppies that are still teething. Sometimes it’s as if they’ll chew everything they aren’t supposed to be chewing! Even when we do give them a toy that was bought for them, they’ll often rip through it in minutes. The compulsion to chew is one that is hard for our four-legged friends to ignore, particularly for breeds that are descended from working dogs. But, there is something we can do for our chewers and that’s... Read More


Introducing a new bed to your dog

If you find that your dog is ignoring that plush new bed you’ve bought for them, or is consistently lying next to the bed rather than in it, here are some tips that may just work for your pup.

Dog walks 11/03/2021

How to Work From Home with your Dog

Working from home has seen a drastic rise lately, with many of us spending day after day inside the house. For some, this might have got tiring pretty quickly, but for others, working from home just means you get to spend more time with your four-legged friend whilst you work.  Do you remember the first few times that you didn’t leave the house for work? The excited tail wagging from your four-legged companions? Your dogs will be ecstatic to have you at home, readily available for cuddles and attention. But... Read More


Feeding Adult Dogs

While puppy foods are all about providing the right balance of ‘building block’ nutrients to promote healthy growth and development, adult foods are much more focussed on achieving and maintaining general good health.


Mixing Different Dog Foods

The idea behind complete pet foods is that they provide everything our furry friends need. This means we could, in theory, just feed one complete food forever and, in fact, this was exactly the recommendation being made by much the pet food and veterinary industries for many years.

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How much should I feed my dog?

Getting the amount of food right for your dog is just as important as finding the right food but it is a question that is often overlooked. Too much or too little of even the very best food available can quickly lead to problems so it’s important to spend some time finding the right amount for your individual dog.


Christmas leftovers for pets – Do’s and Don’ts

Christmas is a time of sharing but when it comes to our dogs, sharing the wrong types of tidbits and leftovers can do an awful lot more harm than good so make sure you and your family know which foods can and cannot be fed to your furry friends this festive season.


Reducing fireworks night stress

Just like for us humans, stress can be a big problem for dogs. Too much stress or anxiety can quickly lead to health problems and behavioural issues and one thing that stresses a lot of dogs more than anything is fireworks.