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Reducing fireworks night stress

Just like for us humans, stress can be a big problem for dogs. Too much stress or anxiety can quickly lead to health problems and behavioural issues and one thing that stresses a lot of dogs more than anything is fireworks.


Pet Food Choices 3: Wet, Raw & Fresh

As we saw in our last article, dry kibbles are well and truly the top dog when it comes to global pet food sales but over the last decade or so, the alternatives have been gaining ground fast. Where once the convenience was king, more and more pet owners are now willing to put a bit more work into their pets’ diets and raw foods, high end wet foods and now fresh foods are reaping the rewards.


Siberian Husky Hope

The fourteenth of September loomed large. Sky the Siberian Husky had already been through a lot, but maybe, just maybe Karen could bring an approach that would help.


Boredom Buster Tips.

As most of us are starting to return back to normality with children going back to school and the return to the office for a lot of us, we have some great tips for keeping your dog entertained.


The Necessity of Nap Time

Sleep is a vital part of a dog’s day, and contributes towards both their physical and their emotional health. In fact, sleep is so important that a healthy adult dog needs between 12 and 15 hours of sleep in any 24-hour cycle. This can be up to 20 hours in puppies, elderly dogs, and larger breeds!


What do your lead walks look like?

If your dog is pulling like a steam train at the end of the lead, and you feel like you need an arm brace every time you take them out, then I’m here to tell you: you are not alone!


Walkies: for you, or for your dog?

The whole concept of ‘going for a walk’ automatically conjures up images of travelling, covering large distances, getting an ache in your legs. But is this really what gets your dog excited?


Pet Food Choices – Part 1

With so many different dog foods out there it can be hard to know where to start when trying to find the one that’s best for your dog. In this article and the next we’ll take a look at the various categories of foods currently available. First up, complete vs complementary nutrition.