Your Dog's Club - The Why

We are a happy bunch of dog owners who just want to give our dogs the best: the best food and treats to nourish them, and toys that delight and engage them (and that last longer than it takes a drink a cup of tea!).

In our quest to find The Best, we’ve been frustrated and disappointed by the general lack of trustworthy and accurate information available. So we decided to create a community of dog owners and canine caring professionals (trainers, behaviourists, boarders, walkers, groomers – if you work with dogs, come on in!) with one goal in mind: to provide the best for our hairy furries. And Your Dog's Club (YDC) was born.

Our community meets online to share information, benefit from the buying power of bigger groups, and support those who need it, whether it’s a recommendation for a canine care professional or a donation to a local dog-related charity as nominated by you, our community member (aka Waggy).

Food, treats, toys, advice, information, trusted recommendations, and local events for humans and their dogs to meet up and share fun times: YDC is centred on making our world a little bit better, delivering unconditional love.

As a community, our Pack Leaders and Waggys keep us on track, encouraging our evolution into something we can all be proud to be part of. From discounts against future purchases, free samples of new and existing products in exchange for honest reviews, to supporting local charities, our community continues to shape our activities.

Quality and trust underpin our community. We are very proud to announce that we have partnered with David Jackson, founder of “all About Dog Food”, and have adopted his renowned Nutritional Rating System to guide you in your choice of food and treats. This system is absolutely free from affiliation to brands and manufacturer influence; you can read more about this here. Quite simply, we won’t tell you something is good for your dog if it’s not. 

In keeping with our values of Quality, Trust and Unconditional Love, we don’t supply items that might compromise the relationship with or the welfare of our dogs: bark inhibiting collars and choke chains are good examples of what we refuse to provide.

We also won’t supply products like flea or worming treatments: quite simply we feel that these are better supplied by qualified health professionals such as your vet.

That said, we are always on the hunt for great products and services to delight our community; if you know of a lovely niche product that is sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, with minimum product mileage, then let us know (woof@yourdogsclub.co.uk). Thank you.

We may not be the best, yet, but we think we’re on track to becoming the best in our world. If you’d like to join us in building something special for our dogs, just click here

Why Be A Waggy?

Our community will be the combination of an on-line community with website and social media feeds, competitions, information, education and banter PLUS a real community consisting of :

The central community team, led by our Community Manager.

Our Gurus – experts, like David Jackson of AADF, contribute to blogs, newsletters and help us answer our waggy’s questions in areas such as health, nutrition, behaviour, training, enrichment, grooming etc.

Our Pack Leaders – local dog related business owners who already have a relationship with their clients and local dog owners.

Our Waggys – you, our proud dog owners and community members

And, of course, our dogs.

Waggy membership is free to the Founding 20,000 members as we build value into being part of the community. Benefits of membership include :

* 10% off your first order and access to future promotions and exclusive discounts

* Loyalty points and reward schemes

* Access to our community and expert advice

* Invitations to local and national dog events

* Competitions

* Special Offers and New Arrivals

* Regular updates and newsletters

* Quality assured products for your dog, delivered with unconditional love 

And all the benefits of being part of, what will become, the biggest and best dog owning community in the UK



Why Be A Pack Leader ?

Our Pack Leaders are dog business owners, employees or local dog community influencers who are looking to grow their business, bring their local dog community together or help us help local dog related charities.

Our Pack Leaders are the local links to our community of Waggys – a role that takes no additional time away from your daily lives and helps you get more from what you have, including:

·    An income stream that’s 24/7 and still pays when you are sick or on holiday.

·    Free referrals from Your Dog’s Club to help you build your business too.

·    Ways of expanding the reach of your business in your geographical area by attracting dog owners that may not be using your services already.

·    A window to showcase your skills and knowledge.

·    On line competitions and local events for your to enjoy.

·    Loyalty Points Scheme awarded on purchases, length of membership and Waggy or Pack Leader referrals, giving you significant discounts on future purchases.

·    Access to purchase an unrivalled, growing range of quality, primarily British made accessories that we have carefully chosen and sourced for you.

·    Free products for testing with your waggys to create our product Waggy ratings

·    Access to up to date information and your questions answered by our community Gurus.

·    Funding to support you in arranging various local events in your area maintaining your community footprint.

·    Attendance at annual National Conferences for our leading Pack Leaders to learn together and consolidate our community.

 Sign up is free but places are limited and subject to our approval